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Fertility Herbs: Herbal formula resulted from mass clinic screening during the 1970s

"Traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure house"

- Chairman Mao ZeDong, the founding Chairman of the People's Republic of China.

Chairman Mao Zedong (1893-1976, Picture of Tiananmen Tower with portrait of Chairman Mao in the middle. picture on the right), the founding Chairman of the People's Republic of China took special steps to make sure the continued growth and development of traditional Chinese medicine. infertility herbs One of his most famous quotes was "Traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure house". During the early 1970's, in answering to Chairman Mao's call of taking the advantages of traditional Chinese Medicine to service the people, Dr. Huang participated a mass clinical research project of treating infertility with herbal medicine. The research was led by the renowned and respected Dr. Lin Chao-chin (1901-1983). Each herbal formula were prescribed based on "secrete" fertilty-supporting formulae confisgated by the government during China's communist movement, and adjusted based on each patient's' unique situation. Following up modification were based on the feedback of clinical and laboratory data, which in turn put each patient's menstrual and pregnancy stage into consideration. After collecting data from near ten thousand cases, the result is beyond the expectation of everyone: Not a single formula can do the magic of helping conceive single handed! In contrast, researchers found a rule by analyzing the formula pattern in the effective cases: the formula must follow the individual's menstrual cycle! fertility herbs -- Looking back now, I always wonder how so often people take tremendous efforts trying to finding things that turns out to be so obvious! But isn't it still a norm that you find it everywhere where people try to sell you a bottle of pills to "anti-infertility"? Ironically, the project with a successful rate of 79% was soon forgotten before it was getting any attention, mainly due to what happened next, that Mao"s era ended in 1976 when he died at the age of 83, it also ended a decade when China's experienced explosive population growth marked by the government strict, sometimes controversial enforced birth control policy.

  Doctor Huang Mingxiang is a legendary Chinese Medicine doctor. Born in a well-known Chinese medicine family in Hunan in the 1930s. Thanks to Dr. Huang, the formulas from the mass clinical trial has been able to survive.

About the herbal formula and how dese it work

The herbal treatments consists of 4 formula in corresponding to the four phases of the menstrual cycle (take a 28 day cycle for example):

1. Menstrual phase(from day1-5)
2. Follicular phase(from day 1-13)
3. Ovulation phase (day 14)
4. Luteal phase (from day 15-28).

Each herbal formula works to strengthen the individual phase and works together to push a successful cycle. The base formulas will be adjusted for each person depending on the length of her period and other key signs of each person.

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Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the management of female infertility: A systematic review;
 --By Ried K, Stuart K, 2011: Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Vol 19 Issue 6, 2011; 319-31

 * Chinese Herbal Formulas (unique formulas for different people) alone demonstrated 60% effectiveness for pregnancy or increased fertility.
 * Western fertility Drugs in the same study demonstrated 30% effectiveness.
 * Chinese Medicine combined with Western Medical Medicine resulted in 3.5 times better odds for conceiving.

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1. How does the product made?

The prescription would be made personal specific. We made the prescription based on the information you submitted. More likely we will contact you for more information if the information you provided is not enough.

2. How long does it take?

Usually it takes one to four menstrual cycle.

3. How much dest it cost?
It depends on the components of the prescription. It varies but not much. On average cost is 380$ for one month ( one cycle ).
Special one time offer: We are now selecting 15 candidates with special offer of fixed 180$ one cycle, on condition that the result be used as testimonials.

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